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Client Testimonials

Business Consulting

"We love the perspective and value The Lenserf Group and especially Farnia brought to our company over the years. Farnia has been one of our Advisory Board Members supporting us with our company’s People Strategy. She always provides sound advice on corporate culture, retention policy, career management, and team wellbeing. Moreover, her fantastic presentation and motivation skills keep inspiring our team to be the best we can be."

Melis M., Chief Human Resources Officer, Global Consulting Firm, #2 EuropeAid List


Leadership Training

EYP Academy & Mental Fitness Coaching using Positive Intelligence

Business Playbook Coaching

Laura's Children Foundation

Healthy lifestyles and fitness for children

Fox 29 Lenserf Group Communication Coaching
Lenserf Group Communication Coaching

"The Lenserf Group has been a major contributor to the growth and development of LCF through training and mentorship. When featured on Fox 29 News, The Lenserf Group coached LCF and provided various skills for public speaking on Good Day Philadelphia with Bill Anderson. The Lenserf Group provided a location for the interview, tips, and coaching to help make my message confident, clear, impactful, and as concise as possible less than 24hrs before airing! Not only did the story air, but it connected LCF to resourceful partnerships moving forward. I would recommend The Lenserf Group to anyone looking for business growth or coaching of any kind. The Lenserf Group will push you to think bigger and better for your brand."

Laura B. - Founder,  Laura's Children Foundation

"My name is David Simon and I am Matt Sullivan. We are legal ghostwriters. We run a small law office. At Sullivan Simon we have been working with Farnia & The Lenserf Group for a couple of months now. She has been instrumental in helping us grow, reach new clients, and do our business to the best possible extent. We love her and we hope to keep working with her forever." 

David Simon & Matt Sullivan - Managing Partners, Sullivan Simon


Insights from Highlight To Ignite 1:1 Coaching with Farnia

Highlight to Ignite Coaching
  • "Farnia is extremely talented in her coaching abilities. She helped me through many interior barriers I had created. I’m excited about my future with my company. The possibilities are endless!"

  • "This session was top notch! Farnia has a gift to bring out the best in me. My confidence level and clarity are through the roof!"

  • "I appreciated that we discussed my successes and that she pinpointed that I was using words of blame instead of affirmation. Also, I appreciated that taking baby steps towards a goal would be more practical and achievable than trying to change rapidly, even though I feel that immediate change is needed."

  • "Amazing job reframing perspective around readiness and ability to achieve in a new position. Helped me feel empowered to move forward."

  • "She was wonderful, truly! She verbalized understanding and that she "heard" me - even when I struggled to verbalize my exact thoughts."


  • "Reframing the narrative! Defining what it means to pack an umbrella for protection."

  • "Wow! Today was such a huge day. Becoming aware of my statements and how I describe myself as always being at war is beyond enlightening. Holding a reflective panel up and letting me truly hear what I said was shocking. It was also the exact opposite of who I want to be. Now, I can make a different choice. Thank you!"

  • "Identifying how comfortable I was with my stretch percentage and deciding what are my next steps"

  • "Farnia is absolutely amazing! She stopped me from glossing over some truly impactful statements I made and looking at them more deeply and how they relate to my current development goals. What a tough session and I’m forever changed for the better."

  • "No judgement! Great to talk with about the leadership process."


  • "Acknowledging that I’m in the water and that I have a choice on what to do next."

  • "Identifying my triggers and working towards a bottom line when communicating with others."


  • "Practicing and reassuring me we are in a non judgmental zone".

  • "Practicing discussions is hard, but worthwhile and effective."

  • "Practice, practice, practice! Finding a peer you're comfortable with to build my ME brand!"

  • "I enjoy and trust Farnia. She’s so easy to talk to and allows me to open up."

  • "Key Points: (1) Meeting myself where I am. (2) Work on being a leader in a space of ambiguity. (3) How I can have more confidence - (3a) Providing context to questions, (3b) Looking individuals in the eye, (3c) Developing relationship, (3d) Being clear and concise in conversations, (3e) Learning from others , (3f) Understanding I don't need to know everything about everything. (4) Not competing with others. Don't feel insecure when someone else has better comments or questions than you. (5) Realize that how you feel about you, may not be exactly how others feel about you."

  • "Focusing in on: 1. What is in it for me? 2. What do I stand to lose? 3. How can I differentiate? 4. What resources can best support? 5. What do I want for this?"

  • "Each session is an insight and a building block I use to help round out my knowledge. She has the ability to cut to the chase and optimize the discussion to get the most out of what I am dealing with. She is locked into the flow of our conversation and is willing to pause to achieve clarity. I never feel rushed, and her insight has done a lot to help my personal and professional development."

  • "Love that you let me be me while also having some POV and suggestions for how we can work together productively. Energy and spirit are both something I appreciate and you've got them both."

  • "Encouragement to move from depreciating my value and being more expressive with what I can offer the greater team was useful to hear. Separately, an exercise to write my story, to fast-forward and look retrospectively will be useful in exploring significance over time."

  • "Coach Fresnel, as always, has an expert way of hearing the melody, harmony and any not-so-great notes within our discussions. This session was a showcase of my sentiments here. All along the path, Coach Fresnel is keeping destination(s) on the radar, towards moving to improved ways of thinking and being."

  • "I always enjoy my sessions with Farnia because she always gets to the root of what I want and the things that will bring the most satisfaction within my career and personal life. I enjoyed our challenging deep dive into what "I want". It was a check of whether the opportunity that has been placed before me is really what I want or if I want something more in my career. I found it extremely helpful."

  • "The session went very well, as per usual. Farnia helped me prepare for a presentation that I needed to give about my leadership journey. We were able to discuss my leadership journey thus far in context with all of the changes that have occurred with my personal and professional life. I am very thankful for Farnia for always helping me put the right perspective on whatever I am facing."

  • "My coaching engagement with Farnia Fresnel was an absolute gift. She was an incredible listener and provided insightful and effective tools and strategies associated with the areas we were focusing on. She also pushed me to do the work, which enabled me to maximize my benefit from the engagement. It was a great match and I'm grateful for the opportunity and the time she invested in me."

  • "Rock Star she is."

  • "Insights into what it takes to move up."

  • "She is easy to work with. She is very sharp to understand the person and issues. She provides broader perspective of things, helps to reason it out and take actions."

  • "I appreciated that Farnia heard what I wanted to work on and then narrowed in on a specific area where I could take small steps to stretch my muscles."

  • "Farnia is always helpful in bringing out what's going well and evaluating where we should focus next."

  • "Roleplaying and understanding that I have the answers sometimes I just need to talk it out with myself."

  • "My coach is one of the best, and I am grateful to have her insight and patience as I navigate the more nuanced emotions needed to excel."

  • "I always love how Farnia helps me to put value on taking the time to balance my work and life, and how she pushes me to ensure that others see what I am doing and how I can help them solve problems."

  • "I really appreciated that we dug into the issue at hand - the fact that I'm completely overwhelmed with 20 direct reports. It was great that she had me meditate first to calm down, and then we methodically worked through the issues. Super helpful!"

  • "I want this session to be the one that catalytically transforms my self-perception. Buddying up with alter-ego unplanned ---- is a creatively, fun prescription, Dr. Fresnel! Looking forward to reporting progress! Thank you!"

  • "As usual, the brainstorming worked wonders! Thank you for asking the questions I didn't know to ask."

  • "Getting the extra push I need to move forward."

  • "Helping me isolate ways to be accountable in the short term for longer term goals.

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