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Business Playbook Coaching

6 Months to Better Business

Are you a small business looking to accelerate rapidly? I can help. In two months, you will experience a shift and within six months, you will have

  • clarity of purpose

  • a playbook to support your operations, team, and clients in the way that you prefer

  • momentum to keep moving forward


Farnia Fresnel - Executive & Leadership Coach

Exceed Your Potential (EYP) Academy

Mental Fitness Small Group

Join a small cohort of likeminded, future focused professionals as you reflect on self limiting behaviors and practices, hold each other accountable, and work through some of your toughest professional challenges.

Through assessment and science backed, app based practice, you will build deeper insights and new habits. Over the course of 1 year, you will experience transformation with the support of your accountability group. 


Why would you join the Mental Fitness small group? Hear what the PQ Chief Coaching Officer has to say about working with Farnia.

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